Tower Laboratories' CardioAde Pauling therapy formula for heart disease
What are the Benefits of CardioAde?

Tower's New Basic Therapeutic and
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How Much CardioAde Should I Take?
Who Should Supplement with CardioAde?
Added to Tower's Pauling therapy product line in 2008, CardioAde® is our newest and most economical Pauling therapy drink mix.  One jar of CardioAde® provides the Pauling therapy equivalent (vitamin C and lysine) of 2 jars of either Heart Tech® or Ascorsine-9®. CardioAde® was added as a Tower formula at the request of customers who were already taking a multivitamin supplement and simply wanted to add the Pauling-recommended therapeutic amounts of vitamin C and lysine.
Approved Pauling-therapy®
This new vitamin C and lysine formula is based on the specific recommendations made by the World's only 2-time unshared Nobel Prize winner. 

Easy to Use
Following Linus Pauling's cardiovascular  recommendations is as easy as 1, 2 or 3 drinks per day.

High quality ingredients.  No fillers, glues, binders, additives or particulate.

One jar of CardioAde® provides the Pauling therapy equivalent (vitamin C and lysine) of 2 jars of either HeartTech® or Ascorsine-9®.  Compare with individual ingredients separately as pills!
Vitamin C
  (as L-ascorbic
CardioAde® Formula
5,000 mg*

5,000 mg
Tower Labs' CardioAde, Retail $68.57, Autoship $47.99
Who Should Supplement With CardioAde®?

CardioAde® is a pleasant-tasting, well-absorbed drink mix without fillers, binders or preservatives.  It is less expensive per serving because there are no additional orthomolecular nutrients and we only have to purchase, fill and ship one jar instead of two.

This product is designed for those who are already supplementing with the additional nutrients recommended by Pauling, e.g., vitamin E, magnesium, CoQ10, etc., and who prefer to take these additional nutrients separately. See Titrating to Bowel Tolerance.

CardioAde is also an excellent immune booster for adults and children and will provide powerful immune protection from cold and flu viruses. 

One jar of CardioAde® provides one adult with a 30-day supply at the Pauling recommended therapeutic dosage (5,000 mg), or two adults with a one-month supply at Pauling's suggested vitamin C and lysine preventive dosage (2,500 mg).
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30 servings per jar
*Values are per serving.
Serving size is 2 scoops per day in divided doses.
(Scoop is included in jar.)
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What are the Benefits of CardioAde®?

CardioAde is Tower's basic, life-long maintenance Pauling therapy formula but does not contain the amino acid proline as found in Tower's HeartTech® and Ascorsine-9®.  The same preventive and therapeutic Pauling therapy benefits apply, though for advanced cardiovascular support Tower recommends beginning with either of its therapeutic products Heart Tech® or Ascorsine-9®, except in the case of recent bypass grafting, in which case CardioAde  ® without proline would be the recommended choice.
Dosing Recommendations for  CardioAde®

One jar of CardioAde® provides 5,000 mg of vitamin C and 5,000 mg of lysine for one month.  The serving size is best divided into 1 scoop twice a day taken 30 minutes before the morning meal and 30 minutes before the evening meal with 8 oz. of water. It is not advisable to take any Pauling Therapy formula with fiber. Also, CardioAde should never be taken with sugary soft drinks, simple carbohydrate foods (white potatoes, white bread, white rice, pasta, etc.), or even fruit drinks if you are diabetic or insulin resistant, as  vitamin C is crowded out when serum (blood) glucose levels are elevated.  See The Pauling Therapy - Does It Work for Everyone

Both components of the Pauling therapy are essential nutrients.  Both vitamin C and lysine are required for life and good health.
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